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Woody Allen

Woody Allen


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He was revealed to us at the beginning of the 70s by “ Bananas ”, a comedy film from yet another American comedian. However, Woody Allen 's genius would very quickly explode through less burlesque works, brilliant comedies that were more or less autobiographical and dealt with life , love and death with great humor. Since then, every year, we wait for the “ new Woody Allen ”.

Europeans have learned to love this pure New Yorker , so close to us in the derision of his view of the world of appearances in which we live, on both sides of an ocean which seems to have shrunk over time. Additional happiness, Woody loves jazz , especially that which reminds him of the disturbing smell of 78 rpm records and the extraordinary concentration of happiness contained in its three minutes. Django , Bechet , Armstrong , Bix , Duke , Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman , they are all there, as Woody 's films bring their music back to life, an ageless counterpoint to adventures of yesterday and today.

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