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Memphis Minnie

Memphis Minnie


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The biography of Memphis Minnie by Jean Buzelin , illustrated by Wozniak and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

“She played guitar like a man” , which was a compliment from Big Bill Broonzy who knew a lot about the subject! A perfectly mastered game, solid, precise, impeccably paced, scathing and strong, like this little good woman, a true force of nature that it was better not to mess with. In a harsh and merciless racist and sexist world, it took a lot of temperament and a good dose of guts to succeed in a genre - traditional blues, that of the ghettos - where female singers were rare. With her guitar and her strong, rough and rough voice, Memphis Minnie established herself as one of the greatest African-American artists of her time, and influenced bluesmen like Muddy Waters and Jimmy Rogers , not to mention her future sisters Big Mama Thornton or Jo-Ann Kelly . In a completely different genre from the great classic blues performers like Bessie Smith , Memphis Minnie is considered the greatest authentic blues singer.

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