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Big Bill Broonzy

Big Bill Broonzy


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Without Big Bill Broonzy , the blues might no longer exist! At least, he would have had a much harder time getting out of his ghetto. The first bluesman to appear in front of a white audience at Carnegie Hall in 1938, the first bluesman to be invited to perform in France and Europe from 1951, this big guy with a strong personality, a clear and persuasive voice , and a playing style precise and accomplished guitar , for years represented the blues all by itself!

From the 1920s, a pioneer of Chicago Blues , he invented the forms, the structures, the sounds, in short the style which would give birth to all modern blues until today. He knew how to evolve, adapt and return to his roots. Open, welcoming, generous, Big Bill launched and supported the careers of many bluesmen like Muddy Waters . His considerable work makes him a monument in the history of the blues , both for singers and musicians and for fans around the world.

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