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Jimmie Lunceford by Cabu

Jimmie Lunceford by Cabu


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The essentials of Jimmie Lunceford on 2 CDs.

It was the time when all of America was dancing to the sounds of these wonderful big gleaming machines called “ big bands ”. It was at the time when swing was king and when Uncle Sam's nephews, gathered around the family radio set in the middle of the living room, made it their duty not to miss a note of these programs which broadcast, often live, these trainings with magical powers. If those of Duke Ellington , Count Basie , Benny Goodman have stood the test of time without too much damage to their memory, who today remembers “ Jimmie Lunceford And His Orchestra ”? However, the qualities of the Lunceford orchestra are obvious: perfection of the set-up, quality of the soloists, incomparable flexibility of the rhythm section, relevance and inventiveness of the arrangements (home, for the most part, notably those of the fabulous Sy Oliver ) , and above all this swing which invades you from the first measure of each piece, a completely original swing , based on lightness, relaxation, even laziness, and a very particular use of rhythmic bounce. Let us rediscover with delight this formation which defies the laws of gravity...

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