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Count Basie by Cabu

Count Basie by Cabu


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An anthology 1936/1956

Combo : contraction of the Anglo-Saxon word combination. Refers to a medium-sized instrumental group , with a format generally ranging from five to ten musicians , as opposed to small entities (small groups trios, quartets) and big bands (twelve to twenty musicians). And if we have all kept in memory (auditory, but also visual) the brilliant successes of the great orchestra to which the name of Count Basie is inseparably linked, we have perhaps forgotten that throughout the ages the count has never stopped bringing this precious jazz to life in small groups.

Freedom , vitality , creativity , such could be the motto of these light phalanxes which have allowed certain soloist-goldsmiths to carve in stone some chorus-diamonds of great beauty, set in dream rhythmic settings. Like the most beautiful jewelry, Basie combos are eternal.

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