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Georges Guétary

Georges Guétary


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The biography of Georges Guétary by Martin Pénet , illustrated by Fabien Lacaf and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Georges Guétary was a man apart, a character “bigger than life” as they say on Broadway . When he laughed, the walls shook, if he raised his voice, the thunderbolts of Zeus fell on your head. He spoke so musically, with his funny accent, that you would have thought he was writing verses. And when he sang, as his friend Fréderic Dard said, we could hear “the kisses flying”.

He was a monster of kindness, a force of nature, a wonderfully happy and simple guy, who gave everything he had, and who had a real sense of life. “My father’s life seems like something out of a novel.” Reality exceeds fiction. He was born in Egypt, into a Greek family of twelve children. An extraordinary destiny made him cross the sea, escape the Germans during the war, dream of the free zone, then France, a hit in London, and be chosen by Gene Kelly to play and sing in " An American in Paris" . and go through his life singing.


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