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Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly


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The biography of Gene Kelly by Claude Carrière , illustrated by Caritte and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

“Gene Kelly is a man of extraordinarily multiple gifts, dancer,
singer, actor, director, producer, always deeply committed
in his job. The fantastic reception he received during his career is
eloquent enough! »

These lines, written by Fred Astaire as a preface to Tony Thomas ' biography of Kelly , continue as follows: "My respect for the artist as for the man is boundless ..." It's difficult to find a finer compliment. We can simply point out that Gene was the hero, dancer and sometimes director , of some of the masterpieces of American musical comedy: "Singin' In The Rain" , "An American In Paris" , of course, but also “Cover Girl” , “The Pirate” , “It’s Always Fair Weather” , “Les Girls” ...

All these films which made us happy, and many others less known, are illustrated here in their original versions, for the greatest fulfillment of our ears and our hearts.

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