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Stan Kenton by Cabu

Stan Kenton by Cabu


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An anthology 1950/1957

Here brought together, in two copious CDs, the crème de la crème of the phonographic production of the most brilliant, the most resounding of the great orchestras in history. But also the most discussed. Criticism in fact did not spare him and we could read, over the four decades of his existence, unequivocal condemnations of a part of his work that was quickly forgotten, but also loads of nonsense about 'a music whose innumerable seductions can be enjoyed today, in peace.

Kenton indeed knew how to discern, choose and place at his service the best composers, arrangers and soloists. The great years of his orchestra are those when the rich scores of Bill Holman , Bill Russo , Gerry Mulligan , Shorty Rogers and a few others served as showcases for a multitude of great jazzmen then established in California: among these, the trumpeters Conte Candoli , Buddy Childers , Maynard Ferguson , trombonists Frank Rosolino and Carl Fontana , tenor saxophonists Richie Kamuca , Zoot Sims , Bob Cooper , Bill Perkins , drummers Shelly Manne , Stan Levey and Mel Lewis , violists Art Pepper and Lee Konitz , the latter brilliant in each of his escapes...

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