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Sonny Boy Williamson

Sonny Boy Williamson


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The biography of Sonny Boy Williamson by Jean Buzelin , illustrated by Chauzy and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

An absolutely incredible character Impossible to place and define. He appropriates the name of Sonny Boy Williamson , a great star of the blues of the forties , pretends to be him, but brings a completely different and new way of playing the harmonica , made of complex, unexpected, powerfully expressive phrases, which rely on an uneven sense of swing . A game which offers a striking counterpoint to his deep, hoarse and nuanced voice , close to a whisper and ironic confidence.

His arrival in Europe in the early 1960s was a revelation and an upheaval within the young English rock and blues scene : he was the first bluesman to perform and record with Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds . Eric Burdon and the Animals . His work remains one of the richest and most considerable in the history of the blues .

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