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Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan


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The biography of Sarah Vaughan by Alain Gerber , illustrated by Séra and Aranthell and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

She left us in 1990, her biographers tell us. We don't believe a word of it and the vivid memory of this double CD brings it insolently alive to us, in the sunshine of its 30 years, the incredibly rich and warm timbre, the astounding technical mastery, the perfect diction and that I don't know what. which vibrates the heart and the body. At the age of all nerves, musician among capital musicians, the pianists Jimmy Jones, John Malachi and Ronnel Bright, the drummer Roy Haynes, the trumpeter Clifford Brown...
All its great jazz tracks, its best of the best, its crème de la crème. Definitive and essential, period...

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