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Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth


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The biography of Rita Hayworth , illustrated by Séra and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Rita Hayworth dominates the cinema of the 40s. She represents the Beauty and sensuality of a cinema and a vanished era. Sex symbol and Femme Fatale , she embodies the eternal power of femininity . Rita's ease, which Rouben Mamoulian compared to the clumsiness of actresses so much more beautiful than Rita, but totally eclipsed by Rita's presence and personality, can be neither a simple innate quality, nor the sole fruit of hard work, it is the combination of Rita's generous nature and the desire to always go further, always better that made her the most admired personality of her generation.

Rita has never been the most beautiful, she has only always been the most fascinating . She fascinated generations of moviegoers and even if the film was not worth it, her presence alone made it an essential film in the history of cinema .

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