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Revolution Tangueira

Revolution Tangueira


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Revolution Tanguera is the work of a total artist, Serguei wrote the songs, in Spanish and French, he composed the music and illustrated the booklet. He also performs the songs and accompanies himself on the piano .
Revolution Tanguera gives us all the soul of modern tango . It’s an album of the senses.

For many tango lovers, Revolution Tanguera is one of the essential albums.


1 Tanguera Revolution
2 Gatita
3 And why not the human being?
4 Latinoamerica
5 France
6 La Maquina Del Tiempo
7 Mi Cuerpo
8 Pablo Cuchilla
9 You Beso Fue
10 Tango Decadencia
11 Mi Tio
12 Dead My Life
13 Aldo Remaba
14 End of Milenario
15 Sigo

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