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Ray Ventura

Ray Ventura


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In the heart of the 1930s, a monster success: Ray Ventura and his college students camped in the firmament of the music hall with Maurice Chevalier , Mireille , Tino Rossi , Charles Trenet , Fernandel and Jean Sablon ... They had one hit after another. So many heady tunes entered the Pantheon of French song , which allowed the launch of some great careers like those of Paul Misraki or Henri Salvador .
Everything is going very well Madam Marquise, It's better than catching scarlet fever, What are we waiting for to be happy? Imperceptibly, Maria of Bahia , etc. so many successes that have defied time. And yet, originally, in the mid-1920s, there was only a simple adventure of college students passionate about jazz. A group of young people from good families dreaming of becoming professional musicians but not daring to believe in their lucky stars.

The pages and records brought together here, between song , jazz and biography , bring this adventure to life. The collective memory sometimes hums tunes, without really knowing who to attribute them to. We can bet that with this record book, some of these timeless tunes should find their authors and delight jazz enthusiasts as well as lovers of French song .

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