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The Jazz of Cabu (2 CDs)

The Jazz of Cabu (2 CDs)


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A short history of swing, told by Cabu in 40 drawings, written by Christian Bonnet in 40 mini biographies of 20th century jazz legends, accompanied by two compact discs.

Between Cabu and the jazz , everyone knows, it was an old love story... For more than fifty years, his youthful bangs, his glasses and his sketchbook discreetly roamed the concert halls and festivals where we celebrated the virtues of this invigorating music dear to his heart. Over time, the artist had also put his talent as an illustrator to the service of several collections of anthological CDs (Cabu Masters Of Jazz, Cabu Jazz Masters, BDJAZZ) on the covers of which his magic pencil stroke had worked wonders. Whether “live” or “delayed”, his drawings, sketches, sketches and other sketches shine with a thousand brilliance, of which the truthfulness, humor, poetry and complicity are not the least. The BDJAZZ collection, by presenting this anthology of its portraits of jazzmen, is particularly proud to pay tribute to the man who was for several years its unfailing swing companion. Cabu's drawings, like their models, exude a contagious swing.

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