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Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee


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Norma Doloris Egstrom lives twelve years of childhood in hell under the authority of Min , a stepmother married by her father. Music is his universe, singing is his dream. She left home at sixteen and after a few years of odd jobs, a radio manager, Ken Kennedy , under the spell of her voice, gave her the name Peggy Lee . She was noticed by Frank Bering who made her sing in the club of his Ambassador East & West hotel in Chicago .

Benny Goodman in turn hired her in 1941 and began the career of arguably the most popular jazz singer who left us hundreds of recordings including the 48 masterpieces of this album: How Deep Is The Ocean , How Long Has This Been Going On , Elmer's Tune , Winter Weather , Why Don't You Do Right , September In The Rain , Johnny Guitar , Fever ...

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