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Paris in Pocket Songs

Paris in Pocket Songs


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Paris is the city of lights, the city of lovers , the city of strollers , the city of artists . From every glance at the city there emerges a scent of history, invention, creation, nostalgia, energy. A thousand years of history, of a city which owes its place only to its inhabitants , its sovereigns , its artists and its struggles , will remain forever engraved in the memory of our humanity. A spirit reigns over Paris, which gives it this indescribable charm , made of a mixture of sensitivity, pride, revolt and joie de vivre.


1 Léo Ferré Paname 4'34
2 Serge Gainsbourg The puncher of Lilas 2'44
3 Jean Ferrat Friends Party 2'26
4 Francis Lemarque In Paris 2'58
5 Catherine Sauvage Paris scoundrel 3'25
6 Jacques Brel The First Names of Paris 2'37
7 Juliette Gréco Under the Paris sky 3'19
8 Charles Trenet See Paris again 2'58
9 Yves Montand Rue Lepic 2'41
10 Juliette Gréco There is no more after 3'14
11 Jacqueline François Mademoiselle de Paris 2'57
12 Charles Trenet The Romance of Paris 2'49
13 Mick Micheyl A kid from Paris 2'29
14 Jean Ferrat Paris Gavroche 2'32
15 Anny Flore Between Pigalle and Blanche 2'48
16 Georges Brassens Lovers of public benches 3'00
17 Charles Trenet Ménilmontant 3'17
18 Patachou The lament of the mound 2'38
19 Les Frères Jacques Les Halles de Paris 3'36
20 Anthony Perkins It's great Paris 2'50
21 Claude Nougaro A little girl 2'07
22 Annie Ross I love Paris 2'17
23 Julie London Lonely Night in Paris 2'11
24 Eartha Kitt Mambo from Paris 2'54
25 Edith Piaf The crowd 2'57

Total duration 73'09

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