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Nina Simone

Nina Simone


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The biography of Nina Simone by Bruno Théol , illustrated by Yumiko Hioki and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Nina Simone belongs to the pantheon of exceptional voices and remains an immense, unclassifiable artist. His mastery of the piano and his fervor make his interpretations original and unique works which cross the worlds of jazz , classical and soul music.

The whirlwind of success and descent into hell that characterized her life can only be explained by looking at the major events she experienced. Firstly, a double blessing: an exceptional gift and rigorous training as a classical pianist, then three painful trials: the refusal of Curtis Institute of Philadelphia to perfect his training, the departure dandy her husband and manager and the suffering of black people in America in the sixties. These elements have forged one of the vocalists the most talented of her generation and the most controversial personality, who still fascinates millions of admirers today

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