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My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine


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The ideal album to celebrate Valentine's Day: a "hot" text by Carine Fuentes , sensual illustrations by Aurel , and 24 tracks on 2 compact discs, to melt into the night, performed by Chet Baker , Dexter Gordon , Billie Holiday etc...

The designers are childhood friends. Aurel launched into press cartoons in 2002 and presented his first comic strip, Django Reinhardt at Nocturne followed by Thelonious Monk in 2004. Carine Fuentes completed her studies in visual expression in 2006. Both wrote and drew The Hot, Very Hot Evening of Valentine's Day , the story of a torrid romantic encounter, told with words and description gestures of love... set to music on CD 1 by great names in Jazz starting, of course, with Chet Baker and his Valentine sung in 1954, the lasciviousness of Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster , the Prelude to kiss of His Majesty the great Duke or the blue ecstasy of Eroll Garner concluding with I am Glad There is You admirably whispered by Julie London and her white and sensual voice... On CD 2, we find the presence of musicians who have signed with the Nocturne label such as, in particular, Sophie Alour and her You've changed Soraya from the Moutin Reunion Quartet … the disc concluding with My funny Valentine by the Gerry Mulligan quartet (1952)… and (he) faints in the frenzied exaltation of being able to still possess her to the point of exhaustion. The circle is complete. I probably love him .

The black and white drawings are sometimes added with washes in the positions or attitudes of love, well laid out in perspective; the very poetic text hides nothing, from the unfolding of desire to the abandonment and exultation of the body.

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