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The Music'Hall Stars of Algeria

The Music'Hall Stars of Algeria


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Who better than Youssef Hagege , known as José de Suza , author and composer of more than four hundred songs from the Franco-Oriental repertoire, could tell us, with as much humor and emotion, the story of his life, of his friends, the great stars of the Algerian music hall: the diva Line Monty , the great Blond-Blond, the supercharged Salim Halali , the Latin-Oriental Maurice El Medioni .
A work which plunges into the heart of the formidable era of the Algerian music hall with its cabarets, its immense stars and its famous songs.

We find with immense happiness: Salim Halali , Mustafa , Line Monty , Youssef Hagege , Blond Blond , Eva Montes .


Disc: 1
1 Dance of the Bride - Salim Halali
2 Ya Oumi - Line Monty
3 Guitarra - Youssef Hagege
4 Cha Cha Oriental - Mustafa
5 Sidi H'bibi - Salim Halali
6 Ana Loulia - Line Monty
7 Come to Juan Les Pins - Blonde Blonde
8 Zine Ya Zine - Youssef Hagege
9 Si Es Verbad - Eva Montes
10 Suerte Fatal - Youssef Hagege
11 My Little Gazelle - Meriem
12 Ya Kilbi Khallil El Hal - Line Monty
13 Lahib Chams Sayel - Line Monty

Disc: 2
1 The Last of the Mohicans - Youssef Hagege
2 The Legend of the Pianoriental - Maurice El Medioni
3 Oriental Evening - Blond Blond

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