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Miles Davis

Miles Davis


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His admirers nicknamed him “ prince of darkness ”; yet rarely has a jazz musician led an artistic career as luminous and as full as that of Miles Davis : a pure product of the emerging bebop in the mid-forties, the trumpeter would change his trajectory towards a “ cooler ” jazz at the end of these same years, to return to the deep roots of jazz (the blues ) at the beginning of the 1950s; roots from which he will move away to lead the shift in modality a few years later, before taking the electricity train at the end of the sixties, then finally asserting himself as the undisputed leader of a certain jazz -rock which will earn him authentic iconic status among the general public.

These two CDs aim to shine a spotlight on an essential period of his artistic life, that of his accession to maturity : each of the selected titles is a gem exemplary of the unique way in which Miles , at that time, dominated and kneads the sound material to create a musical universe like no other.

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