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The Naked Man

The Naked Man


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The Naked Man is a stowaway in the frenzied train of the big bang . Even if it is conceived at the same time as the universe, its course ends on an earth that the vagaries of time have adorned with an old and dogmatic civilization . Is this where he will have to be born and survive as a witness to contempt for truth and Nature? Her nudity is her only weapon and armor.

He will experience, like all of us, suffering , hope , the joy of loving , the chosen person . The pain of losing her . To get lost , to think about death , to learn to lose . To finally find ourselves where life begins.


1 Big Bang
2 Winter
3 Phoenix
4 Walk
5 Little Naked Man
6 Tree
7 Conquistadores [Instrumental]
8 Court
9 Fiesta
10 Celada [Instrumental]
11 Consumption
12 Peace
13 Ready-to-Wear
14 Resistance
15 Nostalgia
16 Hoy
17 Dia Del Ombã¹
18 Wandering
19 Risa

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