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The zazous

The zazous


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A brief history of Rodolphe 's Zazous , illustrated by Estelle Meyrand and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Jazz and swing were, during the dark years of war and occupation, an incredible field of freedom, a breath of freshness and hope for a youth who, despite the situation, wanted to live. Within the little space they could enjoy, the zazous and other swings , by standing out from the ambient grayness, identified themselves by their provocative outfits, recognized themselves in the jazz which, coming from America, represented the hope, and gathered around French stars, singers and musicians, who had embraced rhythmic musical forms. It has often been said and written that jazz had been banned by the occupier. Big mistake, it has never been as popular in France as during this sad period! The zazous lost their reason for being with the Liberation , their memory remained in History and in memories , and the word is forever inscribed in popular language. Thank God, in our time, we still meet zazous!

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