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This volume of Blues comics is dedicated to a legendary character in black American music: Leadbelly . Brought back to the forefront by Nirvana (who covered Where did you sleep last night? in the Pine), the musician, more than a bluesman, was also a folk singer, singer of cowboy ballads and lullabies including the repertoire included 500 songs. A must-have.

If American popular music is full of legendary figures, that of Huddie Ledbetter nicknamed Lead Belly for his extraordinary physical abilities is certainly out of the ordinary. Folk singer , bluesman , singer of cowboy ballads and lullabies , gifted with a phenomenal memory, multi-instrumentalist who, single-handedly, popularized and spread the twelve-string guitar throughout the world, Lead Belly remains the principal inspiration with Woody Guthrie of the folk movement which in the 1960s would spread from American campuses to the rest of the world, from Bob Dylan and Trini Lopez to the England of the Beatles and Lonnie Donegan .

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