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Julie London

Julie London


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A biography of Julie London , written by Claude Carrière , illustrated by Marcelino Truong , accompanied by 2 compact discs.

We have the image of her as a clearly fatal beauty, to the point that we no longer know if we bought her records for the photo that adorned their cover or for the musical content of the songs she performed on them. Today we agree that Julie London was also an admirable vocalist , who was in fact content to sing as naturally as possible the rich repertoire of the great American authors. She simply knew how to marvelously exploit the seduction of a sensual and slightly veiled timbre , and to put "in place", without unnecessary effects, and with great relaxation, the words and notes of works that are definitively sublime and which time does not has no more altered than the memory of its disturbing beauty. Among these songs, Cry Me A River , The Meaning Of The Blues , The Nearness Of You, Body And Soul , By Myself , Misty etc., forty-eight tracks to maintain nostalgia and rekindle the pleasure.

Claude Carrière

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