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Jules Verne

Jules Verne


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We have all spent feverish nights reading Jules Verne novels. We had perhaps forgotten that his heroes traveled 120 kilometers underground in “Journey to the Center of the Earth” , and that the subtitle of “From the Earth to the Moon” was “Direct journey in 97 hours 20 minutes. .. " Astonishing precision when we know that Apollo 10 took 119 hours and 30 minutes to travel the 384,500 kilometers that separate us from the moon in 1969, more than a century after Jules Verne 's prediction!

Jules Verne was not for nothing an informed fan of Edgar Alan Poe ... He will forever have an obvious point in common with radio: like radio, his work - a good fifty novels, numerous short stories, not to mention tragedies, essays, poems and musical works - is the fruit of the imagination; like the radio, his Extraordinary Voyages appeal to our imagination. They inform us, they educate us, they entertain us. By combining the charms of science with those of poetry, his novels take us on a journey through space and time. Jules Verne is a fabulous teacher : a conveyor of desires , light , knowledge and curiosity...

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