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Johnny Hallyday Pocket

Johnny Hallyday Pocket


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The biography of Johnny Hallyday by Martin Pénet , illustrated by pablO and accompanied by a compact disc from his early years

50 studio albums and 182 tours in 40 different countries : the “idol of young people” has sold 110 million records and sung in front of 28 million spectators. But behind these figures worthy of a peplum hides Jean-Philippe Smet , a child of the ball, raised by his aunt and his cousins. Accustomed from an early age to life on tour, trained in all stage techniques, he imagined himself an American father and, at fifteen, picked up his guitar after discovering Elvis Presley and rock'n'roll .

Having become Johnny Hallyday , leader of the entire yéyé generation, he established himself in the show biz firmament. Since then, the public's love for this endearing man has never wavered. Despite the excesses and the wanderings, he constantly puts his title of national rocker on the line. “ Johnny ” is today a monument, a legend for millions of French people who show him a fervor equal to the generosity of the artist Johnny Hallyday .

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