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Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis


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The biography of Jerry Lee Lewis by Jean William Thoury , illustrated by Benoit Bonte and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Torn between heaven and hell, Jerry Lee Lewis could have become a preacher like his cousin, the famous televangelist Jimmy Swaggart . He preferred to give himself body and soul to the music of the devil , rock'n'roll . A singing pianist with exceptional magnetism, since his first record, published by Sun in 1956, he immediately established himself as the rival of King Presley . Knowing hundreds of tunes of rock , gospel , country , blues , R&B or pop origins by heart; he never plays them the same way twice.

A gifted pianist, with an undeniable influence on all those who followed him in his career, he is also a controversial, egocentric, insolent, wild and unpredictable character. We call him Killer ...

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