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Jazz in the kitchen

Jazz in the kitchen


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"It is so good !" Satchmo will have exclaimed as a preamble to the feast to come; The idea will have germinated beyond ages, fashions and styles. A family and musical reunion, fraternal and irrational . In seventh heaven or in the basement, near the rotisseries, the culinary brass will blush in unison with those of the big band. The musical volutes will float above the earthly foods surrounding a halo of swing singers , trumpeters , guitarists , saxophonists and other pianists .

We will move from one to the other as we taste a whipped cream before attacking a base of sauce armed with a piece of bread; Messily, voraciously and gluttonously. Restraint will no longer be appropriate. The musical flow will overwhelm the banquet table. The Smokin' Joe Café des Robins will be overflowing with all kinds of musicians, spectators and scullions to such an extent that the doo wap vocal quartet will have to expand considerably to serve its crowd.

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