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Israel Vibration

Israel Vibration


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For a long time, the story of Israel Vibration was summed up in one word: tribulations . But if reggae has something magical, it's its ability to transform the lives of those who encounter it. Three decades after its debut, the atypical trio-turned-duo is now one of the essential ambassadors of Jamaican music.


1) Unseen Bullet
2) Craven Raven
3) Level Every Angel
4) Fighting Soldiers
5) Tippy Tippy Toes
6) Jah Runnings
7) Miscalculation
8) Sodom & Gomorrah
9) Men In High Places
10) Peace Not War
11) Bloodstain
12) Wish You Were Here

1) Warm Up
2) African Unification
3) Rockfort Rock
4) Jammin’
5) Cultures
6) Level Every Angel
7) Ball Of Fire
8) Get Up N Go
9) Why Worry
10) Never Gonna Hurt You
11) Cool And Calm
12) Jah Runnings
13) Feelin' Irie
14) Licks And Kicks
15) The Same Song
16) Red Eyes [Introducing The Band]

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