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Illinois Jacquet

Illinois Jacquet


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The biography of Illinois Jacquet by Claude Carrière and Christian Bonnet , illustrated by Diego Dona Solar and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

In July 1942, tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet was not even thirty years old when he burst into the world of jazz with a memorable solo on Flying Home with Lionel Hampton 's orchestra. A real bomb in the musical landscape of the time, the spirit of this improvisation would definitely leave its mark and set the tone for an entire generation of saxophonists: honkers, screamers and other hairy tenors of rhythm'n blues would remember the lesson by heart muscular and virile saxophonist .

What we know less is that Jacquet, in addition to his ability to set concert halls on fire (which he rarely deprives himself of, as demonstrated by burning titles like Blues , Perdido or Philharmonic Blues ) also knew, and with what talent, detail and ornament the ballads of his warm sound with exquisite sensitivity, feeling and taste. Yes, the bully also knew how to transform himself into a sensitive and emotional artist and listening to pieces like Body And Soul , A Ghost Of A Chance , Pastel or Where Are You? give the measure of the extent of the expressive register of this exceptional artist.

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