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Georges Brassens Pocket

Georges Brassens Pocket


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The biography of Georges Brassens by Martin Pénet , illustrated by José Correa and accompanied by 1 compact disc.

Death of stage fright, George Brassens would undoubtedly have preferred to only be sung by others. This was also the case at the beginning with Patachou , who convinced him to defend his works himself. Since his death, many educational and cultural establishments have borne his name, and there are countless performances of his songs around the world.

Paradoxically, it was his refusal of conventions which led Brassens to become a absolute reference of the French song . His sense of friendship, his texts in favor of those left behind and his denunciation of hypocrisies of all kinds always hit the mark.


1. Bad Reputation
2. The Gorilla
3. The Umbrella
4. The Little Horse
5. Hecatomb
6. Aurochs Horn
7. Butterfly Hunting
8. Mom, Dad
9. There Is No Happy Love
10. The Wind
11. Public Bench Lovers
12. Ballad of the Ladies of Old Times
13. Poor Martin
14. Agent Women's Navel
15. I have a date with you
16. Brave Margot
17. I Am A Thug
18. Song for Auvergne
19. A Pretty Flower
20. Les Sabots D’hélène
21. The First Daughter
22. Prayer
23. Gastibelza (The Man With the Rifle)
24. Marinette

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