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P-Funk. P for pure, in the sense of uncut, unaltered, like the best cam, and Funk...Aren't we going to explain to you what funk is? If ? So let's say that it is this rhythmic earthquake which sets everything in motion in its path, this epidemic which, recurrently, threatens to knock America off its pedestal, the very one whose African-American writer Ishmael Reed perfectly described both the symptoms and the multiple manifestations in his sublime work “Mumbo Jumbo” .

It is a smell, strong, a scent rich in a thousand evocations, a food intended for the body as much as for the mind, a cuisine of character, without fuss or pretense, which smells of the terroir and does not fear to display a solid layer of fat. It is a music that is light and yet heavy with innuendo, earthy but which looks towards space, a vast and enjoyable farce, the best antidote there is against the ambient gloom. George Clinton is his great master and “One Nation Under A Groove” by Funkadelic is his manifesto, a magical elixir that awakens the funkateer in each of us, the ultimate mix!


CD 1
1. Comin' Round The Mountain
2. Smokey
3. If You Got Funk You Got Style
4. Hardcore Jollies
5. Soulmate
6. You Scared The Lovin' Out Of Me
7. One Nation Under A Groove
8. Grooveallegiance
9. Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock
10. Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo Doo Chasers)
11. Into You
12. Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll)
13. Lunchmeatphobia (Think It Ain't Legal Yet)

CD 2
1. Freak Of The Week
2. Not Just Knee Deep
3. Uncle Jam
4. Electric Spanking Of War Babies
5. Electro Cuties
6. Funk Gets Stronger
7. Brettino’s Bounce
8. Funk Get's Stronger/She Loves You
9. Oh I
10. Icka Prick
11. Cosmic Slop

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