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Frank Sinatra by Cabu

Frank Sinatra by Cabu


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Its numerous clones are running out of steam in vain. It seems in fact that no one will ever come close to matching him. In the land of song, he was the king of crooners of the twentieth century. At the dawn of the next century, he still lives in the hearts of millions of young girls and more or less honest people, in the pantheon of the few rare stars who mastered the art of caressing without ever falling into the melliflu.

We loved him too, and we still love him, because he was nourished by the best of jazz, of which he had a profound knowledge. He had also fallen into it, and Lester Young and Miles Davis reciprocated the admiration he had for them. Here he is, at the height of his art, in his forties, performing in his own way, between swing and romance, a beautiful series of great songs by the best authors, surrounded by the finest Californian musicians, under the direction, most often of Nelson Riddle , number 1 specialist in the genre...

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