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Erroll Garner 2

Erroll Garner 2


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Throughout the recordings brought together in the two present CDs, a unique pianist appears in a bright light who had conquered the entire world, well beyond the small world of exclusive jazz enthusiasts. Erroll Garner had in fact found without looking for it the key to true success : his art possessed both all the virtues of jazz and all the characteristics of good popular music. He knew how to make melodies sing and beat, to move, to amuse, to make people dream.

Included here are both the original version of Garner's most famous composition, Misty , his most successful recorded concert, in the opinion of connoisseurs, and, on a copious second CD, for the first time together, the thirteen long pieces put together in a single afternoon, the fantastic session which gave legendary versions of Caravan , Lullaby Of Birdland , Avalon , Will You Still Be Mine ... Pyramidal and essential!

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