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The biography of Claude Debussy by François Hudry , illustrated by Joe G. Pinelli and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

“This may seem incomprehensible, but we must not forget that a work of art, an attempt at beauty always seems to be a personal offense for many people. »

Claude Debussy 1862-1918

He belongs to the small number of artists who have revolutionized their art. To consider the art of Claude Debussy from the sole angle of impressionism would be too simplistic, it is an error which has nevertheless persisted for a long time. It is rather on the side of symbolist literature that he must be placed without hesitation, as his instinct pushed him in an irresistible manner in this direction.

Mystery, unconscious, melancholy, waiting, mysticism, these are some keys to understanding this vast Franco-Belgian movement to which it is truly linked. The richness of Debussy's music is not without paradoxes, because although it is a specifically French art, clearly claimed as such, it nevertheless drew on Russian influences and the invaluable contribution of Far Eastern music and art. Time has done its work.

Today Debussy is rightly considered one of the great composers of all time. His music, in love with dreams, fills us with its beauty, its color, its sensuality and its immense evocative power.

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