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The biography of Dalida , written by Martin Pénet , illustrated by José Correa , accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Dalida has become an undisputed myth in the history of French song , comparable to that of Edith Piaf . Of Italian-Egyptian origin, it was in Paris that she began singing, reaching international fame in a few years, notably thanks to her multilingual recordings. She knew how to adapt to all the fashions of variety, from mambo to disco , including twist and surfing .

Like Brigitte Bardot , Dalida invented a new image of the sensual woman in the 1950s. The tragedies of his personal life made him evolve during the 60s and 70s towards a more serious register which gave him the status of icon. His songs, most often inspired by love , tell a little about his life and his pain. Always very present in the hearts of the public, Dalida has remained the warm artist that we would like to have as a friend.


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