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Comedian Harmonists

Comedian Harmonists


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The biography of the Comedian Harmonists , illustrated by Cedric Perez and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

Harry Frommermann and Robert Biberti formed the Comedian Harmonists in 1928. They gave their first major concert in Leipzig in 1930. Their success was dazzling. They recorded one hundred and thirty-eight titles before March 1935. The great capitals of the time competed for their performances: Amsterdam , Paris , London , Vienna .

The arrival of Hitler in 1933 put a damper on the career of the sextet, three of whose members were Jewish. The Comedians Harmonists gave their last German concert on March 25, 1934 in Munich. Nazi Germany put an end to the greatest German vocal adventure before the war. Forty songs from this incredible German vocal group from the interwar period to rediscover.

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