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Cinema Fantastic

Cinema Fantastic


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An evocation of the history of fantastic cinema illustrated by Alain Poncelet , accompanied by two compact discs.

Fantasy cinema and classical music have forged close links since the first fantasy films. “Nosferatu” by Friedriech Wilhelm Murnau in 1922, inspired by " Dracula » by Bram Stoker and “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang in 1927 significantly marked the beginnings of fantastic cinema. In 1931, Boris Karloff performed James Whale 's "Frankenstein" , and in the 1930s and 40s the Hollywood studios seized on the fantastic: George Wagner 's "The Wolf Man" in 1941 was followed by Howls” , “The Werewolf of London” , “Fright Night” , “Silver Bullet” , “Wolf” , “Underworld” , “Van Helsing” .

The fantastic production is considerable and the classical music is the counterpoint to the fantastic effect. The emotional force of classical music is increased tenfold by the images of fantastic cinema and the images all give their emotional charge in the coupling with the music, as Alain Poncelet illustrates in this album.


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