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“Nothing could take away from me the idea and the desire, perhaps too daring but noble, to create a new world.”

There is a Chopin paradox. He is probably the most popular composer in the history of music with Mozart , but there is so much misunderstanding about him, so many saccharine images, so many legends of dubious romanticism, so many syrupy and unscrupulous. And yet this music is nothing but strength, originality and novelty. Chopin only improvises, composes, breathes, lives by and through his piano . The technical innovations revealed by his music, as well as some of his fingerings which have come down to us, can certainly guide pianists, in the same way as the numerous testimonies of his contemporaries.

But it is above all the sensitivity of the performer that will bring this exceptional music to life, far from the tenors of the stage and the ivory crushers, because Chopin's music is intimate , nostalgic and indescribably poetic. Perhaps the intimacy of studio recording, far from the world and the public, allows today's performer to rediscover the climate so essential to Chopin's music. The two attached CDs attempt to offer an anthology of performers from Chopinian heritage and/or possessing the qualities which seem to us required for an ideal approach to his art.

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