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Chet Baker swings by Cabu

Chet Baker swings by Cabu


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Half angel, half demon, Chet Baker 's personality has always fascinated jazz audiences. Cursed artist, archetype of the self-destructive jazzman, the handsome Chet was an expert in the art of capsizing the most hardened hearts with his painfully expressive singing and the delicate tenderness with which his trumpet coated the beautiful melodies of the golden age . But in his spare time, the ladies' favorite knew how to puff out his chest and strike a few improvisations marked with the most convincing swing on the metal of his trumpet, like the authentic jazzman with impeccable technique that he was.
It is this lesser-known aspect of the character that this double CD aims to highlight, in instrumental configurations ranging from quartet to big band, within which our proud and dashing prompter "sends" at will...

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