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Charles Dumont

Charles Dumont


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The biography of Charles Dumont by Charles Dumont , illustrated by José Correa and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

1960, Edith Piaf leaves the clinic, she has not sung for a year, this eclipse is eating away at her, she wants to find her audience again. He needs a repertoire to return to the stage. Charles Dumont visits Edith, with Michel Vaucaire to present Non, je ne regrette rien . Charles has little hope. Yet Edith listens, asks to play again, again and again. Yes, that's it, that's the song he needs. The song that will shake the world, the song that will mark his return, after his health problems and a year of absence. Charles Dumont gave him one of the greatest successes of song.

They sang Les Amants together in 1962, then Charles waited until 1973 to return to the stage and experience the success that we know, for forty years. Deep France, provincial France and Parisian France fall in love with Charles' love songs. We had forgotten that the epicenter of humanity was called love and that a song of the same name had a natural audience.


CD 1
Live A St Germain des Prés recorded on January 24, 1999

1. For a woman (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 4'13
2. Childhood anchored in the heart (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'50
3. Your cigarette after love (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'38
4. From body to heart (Charles Dumont, Charles Dumont) 2'48
5. There is a statute of limitations (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 5'05
6. You the married woman (Marie Casanova, Charles Dumont) 5'29
7. Nuit Blanche in Honfleur (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 4'17
8. Memory is right (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 4'42
9. A song (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'35
10. The lovers (Edith Piaf, Charles Dumont) 5'03
11. Remember the jokers at the ball (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'33
12. My God (Michel Vaucaire, Charles Dumont) 4'24
13. No, I don't regret anything (Michel Vaucaire, Charles Dumont) 2'31
14. Love songs (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'19
15. Thank you (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 4'11
16. The chrysalis (Charles Dumont, Charles Dumont) 2'22
17. I learned from my father (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'11
18. I'm twenty years old (Frédéric Zeitoun, Charles Dumont) 4'07
19. I rely on you (Jacques Brel, Charles Dumont) 3'33
20. She is the woman who holds the world together (Sophie Makhno, Charles Dumont) 3'40
Total Duration 77:49

CD 2
Passion: Living your dream, Dreaming your life

1. Orchestral introduction 2'05
2. All life is music 3'04
3. Little romantic waltz 1'14
4. At the end of the night 2'28
5. The elusive woman 2'05
6. Living your dream, dreaming your life 3'59
7. Ballet: The encounter 4'57
8. Introduction to the piano 0'57
9. Ballet: Entrance of the dancers 2'45
10. Ballet 0'52
11. By dint of believing it 1'09
12. Orchestral prologue 0'55
13. What do we know about happiness 2'54
14. Ballet 0'32
15. You my reason for being 2'59
16. Ballet 2'17
17. This is how my life goes 3'22
18. Ballet 1'10
19. Final ballet 1'30
20. All life is music 2'01
Total Duration 43:39

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