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Bye Bye Blackbird

Bye Bye Blackbird


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A noir story by Joe G. Pinelli illustrated by Pinelli and accompanied by two CDs of extremely modern jazz from the sixties.

New York . The city never sleeps. 5th Street, Harlem. The Village, Soho. They walk. The jazz is rustling, attentive to the ears of the watchers, murmuring in the cellars. Planted in the underground trains. Noise of jazz. Boogie Woogie , Boogie Woogie, the city opens its arms. Light facades. Red streaks on the asphalt. In the depths of the Big Apple, they are rising. Caress the wood of the double basses, suck the mouthpieces of the sax, strum in the mist. Smear smears of brooms on sleeping crates. A jingle on So What and head back into the harsh morning light. On ephemeral scenes, devastated aliens: the twisted blue ones. Give themselves. Joes'pub. Patricia, fingers fanned out. Far, far from Chicago. A voice of rupture. The hands anamorphose and, in black, the underworld holds its breath.

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