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The biography of Johannes Brahms by François Hudry , illustrated by Julie Maroh and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

I am in love with music, I love music, I only think about it and about other things only if the music helps to embellish it.

Johannes Brahms

The expressive force of Brahms ' music has long won everyone's support, whether from avant-garde supporters such as Schönberg , Berg or Webern or from more conservative composers who have remained in his wake. It escapes analysis, because it is neither new nor academic; it is based above all on feeling, with a generosity that has long conquered the hearts of musicians and music lovers alike. If this music is stimulating and full of energy, it is also enveloped from start to finish by a melancholy which is like a response to our own torments. We hear the darkness of the soul, the mysteries of the German forest but also the search for the Mediterranean sun and ancient beauty.

It is this constant search for darkness and light that makes Brahms' art a universal music capable of touching our sensibilities beyond borders and time.

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