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Bossa Nova vol 2

Bossa Nova vol 2


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Imbued with the era and its spirit, Marcus Wagner and his team recreated the Copacabana of the 1950s. Immersed in biographies, period photos and interviews , they undertook a historical fiction retracing the birth of the bossa -nova . The story begins in the rich world of Brazilian music from the 1950s.

Volume 1Evening at Copacabana ” retraces a time when musicians, writers and philosophers brought a bustling Brazil to life. This second volume presents the explosion of bossa nova 1956-1961 . Among the characters who frequented the bohemian night of Copacabana in the late 1950s were Vinicius de Moraes , Tom Jobim , and João Gilberto . Here they experience the dawn that follows volume 1. Bossa nova is born with the sunrise.

In one night at Copacabana, all the artists and all the intellectuals are brought together, accompanied on two CDs with a repertoire of hits and unpublished works. Marcus Wagner succeeded, through the poetic vivacity of this album, in bringing back to life this moment of rupture, the most important in Brazilian music of the 20th century.

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