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Billie Holiday 2

Billie Holiday 2


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Love Songs . Love, always love... Shared loves, noisy loves, disappointed loves, faded loves, impossible loves, the feeling of love is one of the stainless vectors of artistic expression and song has given us its share throughout the world unforgettable lovers, from Edith Piaf to Oum Kalsoum , from Amalia Rodrigues to Marlene Dietrich . Black American singer Billie Holiday . whose brief existence (1915-1959) was only a succession of frightening emotional ordeals (rape, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, violence), expressed the emotion of love with an extra touch of soul which makes the least of its interpretations.

Let's listen to her detail the words of the sublime melodies signed Cole Porter , Irving Berlin or Duke Ellington : it is not the voice of love, it is love itself which is expressed through her voice.

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