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Best of Christmas

Best of Christmas


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The BDMUSIC collection illustrates the greatest figures of 20th century music in two compact discs, a biography and a comic strip. Each musician is illustrated by a designer or painter who graphically expresses his perception of music. The two remastered compact discs retrace the musician's career in 40 tracks selected by the genre specialist.

A detailed biography accompanies each album. BDMUSIC explores one artist's graphic vision of another artist. The alliance of artistic expressions reveals each person's sensitivity in a new light. The BDMUSIC collection is an encyclopedia of 20th century music and a panorama of today's graphic art.

Each album is an artistic, biographical and sonic journey that immerses the reader/spectator/listener in the musician's universe: his personality, his era, his environment and the unique character of his music.

The four albums "BEST OF BDJAZZ", "BEST OF BDCINE", "BEST OF THE GIRLS" and "BEST OF CHRISTMAS" present a title and a page from each album in the collection.

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