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The biography of Jean Sebastien Bach by François Hudry , illustrated by Silvestro Nicolaci and accompanied by 2 compact discs.

“It is with the deepest devotion that I offer to your Royal Majesty
an insignificant example of my musical talent, very humbly asking
May your Royal Highness be kind enough to receive him, not according to what he deserves
as a composition but with the well-known indulgence of Your Majesty,
and condescends to take me under the very powerful protection of Your Majesty. »
Johann Sebastian Bach

(letter accompanying the sending of the Mass in B minor to its dedicatee)

Johann Sebastian Bach represents one of the highest peaks of world thought. Through music, Johann Sebastian Bach tries to touch the sky with the genius and modesty of the elect. This great mystic leaves a work with multiple levels of reading which ranges from simple pleasure to esotericism, through his extremely learned use of numbers illustrating divine perfection. Deeply religious, he follows Luther's idea that music is the only thing worth praising after the divine word.

His work is multiple and covers all genres with the notable exception of opera . Bach 's music has continued to permeate and inspire Western musical thought. The rigor of his writing as well as his unique way of describing all the movements of the heart can only be relevant in the difficult context of the beginning of the 21st century.

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