BD Music, a reference heritage collection

A heritage, educational, cultural and fun collection to safeguard the artistic expression of yesterday and today

  • A catalog of 180 albums dedicated to music legends. More than 4,000 plates of paintings or comic strips devoted to music.

  • 150 artists : painters, illustrators and designers of today, who graphically express their perception of music.
    A project of 1,000 albums for 1,000 musicians

  • BD Music is an encyclopedia whose project is to connect a thousand graphic artists with a thousand musicians.

The BDMUSIC collection presents all the musicians who shaped the music of the 20th century, through a biography written by a specialist and the vision of today's designers, painters or illustrators. It is about combining pictorial expression, in all its forms, with musical expression.

BDMUSIC wishes to preserve the physical trace of immortal works, by producing albums enriched with images and texts which contribute to the safeguarding of our musical and graphic heritage.

BDMUSIC is a meeting place for all talents in music, comics and all graphic expressions. BDMUSIC presents a panorama of music at the same time as a gallery of artists, illustrators and painters who can express themselves freely and achieve their artistic expression without any constraint. The collection brings together great established painters and designers as well as younger generations, who will give a vision of the aesthetic orientation of our time and allow everyone to discover the stages of the blossoming of a talent.

For music lovers

Find on 2 CDs a reasoned selection of the best moments of the illustrated period, produced by specialists of the genre: Claude Carrière , honorary president of the jazz academy, Christian Bonnet , director of the Masters of Jazz collection, François Hudry , historian and producer of “La Tribune des Critiques de Disques” on France Musique, Martin Pénet , journalist and historian of French song, Jean Buzelin and Gérard Herzaft historians of the Blues, Jean William Thoury musician and rock historian.

Each CD is remastered at Studio Art et Son, respecting the original sound.

For dilettantes

who simply want to enjoy two hours of quality music, and rediscover the true pleasure of sound. Our selection criterion is primarily quality and pleasure. We have designed the ideal album for every musician, essential to any basic discotheque.

For younger generations

who will discover music that they rarely hear on the radio or at home and which nevertheless constitutes their musical heritage.

For curious aesthetes

who know how to achieve the enjoyment of the mixture of the senses. Drawing and color can express emotions that words cannot express. To describe a work of art by another work of art without using words is to give a new nature to aesthetic emotion.

For encyclopedic minds

who will collect a thousand references retracing the life and work of the personalities who shaped the musical life of the 20th and 21st centuries.

BDMUSIC is the starting point for an encyclopedia of all the musicians of the century, in all genres: Jazz, Blues, Rock, World Music, Funk, Variety, Reggae, Electro, Classical. As with any encyclopedia, the work will never be completed.

A word from the collection director

Dear friends of music and visual art,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the BDMUSIC collection platform, an exciting project that harmoniously merges music and comics to bring to life a unique and immersive experience.

Our collection dedicated to music legends is much more than a simple compilation of recordings. It is a visual and audio celebration of the musicians and composers who left their mark on the 20th century. Through the pens of our talented authors and the creative vision of contemporary painters, illustrators and designers, each album becomes an open door to the life and work of these exceptional artists.

We have brought together a team of 150 graphic artists, all driven by a passion to share their perception of music through images that transcend time. The result is a veritable visual and sound encyclopedia that builds bridges between the worlds of graphic art and music.

At BDMUSIC , our mission goes beyond simple documentation. We aspire to preserve the physical trace of immortal works by creating albums enriched with images and texts. These creations actively participate in the preservation of our musical and graphic heritage, offering present and future generations an unprecedented immersion in the fascinating world of music legends.

Our collection is also a meeting place for all talents in music, comics and graphic expressions. It presents a captivating panorama of music while offering a gallery of artists, illustrators and painters who express themselves freely, without constraint, thus contributing to the diversity and richness of our artistic heritage.

I invite you to explore this unique collection, to let yourself be carried away by the magic of images and sounds, and to participate in this extraordinary journey at the crossroads of music and graphic art. BDMUSIC is much more than a collection of albums, it is an invitation to discover, appreciate and celebrate the very essence of our cultural heritage.

Welcome everyone to the captivating world of BDMUSIC !

Bruno Théol